Sunday, 20 November 2011

West Wittering

What can I say?

What a beautiful beach! We'd not been before (the parking costs having put us off), but we decided to visit since the weather was so beautiful. At last, a PROPER beach! Sand and shells and plenty of room to walk. Definitely a place to return to, and the weather was perfect today for pictures!

We had lunch at the Beach Cafe (and ran into one of the RE teachers whilst we were there!), picked up a geocache and I annoyed my husband by taking lots of photos! Whoops!

I pointed out a tripod that someone else was using and told my husband that was what I wanted to get once my new camera has arrived. He sighed and asked would that mean it would take us twice as long to get anywhere, as I would be stopping every 30 seconds to set up the tripod? (Probably was my response!)
(In other news, despite having rotated this image, I can't figure out why it hasn't stayed rotated here... sorry!)

By the time we were heading back to the car, the tide had come in and the waves were crashing surprisingly forcefully... with the sunset in the background, it was really beautiful.

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